8 Tips For How To Design Gates And Runners

One of the essential components of any mold design is how to design gates and runners. This has been the topic of many discussions and a great deal of research has been done to try and manage this aspect of the tool design; read on…
8 Tips On How To Design Gates And Runners
Gates And runners


The plastic injection mold design process is a complex engineering project that involves a great deal of 3D spatial perception, mathematics, mechanics, physics, creativity, ingenuity and common sense. No wonder there are so few qualified plastic injection mold design professionals!

Learning how to design gates and runners in a plastic injection mold is part science and part art. Software can save the mold designer time, but can only go so far. In the end, it takes experience to visualize what will actually happen in the real world of molding and mold making.

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Randy Hough was educated at Colorado State University, Winona Technical Institute and the Wisconsin State Apprenticeship program. He has worked in the plastics industry since 1978, primarily as an injection moldmaker. His technical articles have been published in several top publications. He also owns the popular websites: http://moldmakingresource.com/ and http://Global-Plastic-Injection-Molding.com

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